Industrial BIN Shelving systems used in various industries

Industrial BIN Shelving isn’t just for large warehouses. It is common to find shelf systems deployed in various industries, including aerospace, industrial manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, medical laboratories, packaged product manufacturing, oil and gas production, and the military. Driven by the need to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs through space savings, these and many other industries rely on industrial shelving systems.

industrial shelving rack

Industry of Aerospace

The aerospace industry relies on high-quality Industrial Shelving systems to store large and heavy engine parts. Special deployments also play an essential role in protecting critical avionics. This is because it can be customized to protect sensitive components. Safety is paramount when dealing with aircraft parts. As a result, many airline suppliers use industrial products with 12-gauge steel sides, backs, doors, and locking mechanisms for added security.

Industrial manufacturing companies utilize industry to maximize material storage and safety. Industrial bin racks provide ease of use and ergonomic access to all items on the shelves. Enterprises also appreciate the automated safety interlock feature installed in an improved system that prevents multiple frames from being deployed simultaneously.

Industry of Automotive

Leading car companies and parts manufacturers in the automotive industry use Rack Shelving. Shelf systems are used for tool tabs, work cells, assembly lines, and general storage. This automotive company optimizes shelf size and cradle to maximize storage space and, more importantly, maximize assembly speed. Whether it’s an old factory or a new facility, we recommend a custom-made factory to optimize manufacturing efficiency and employee safety.

Medical laboratories often use rollouts to expand their operations. Many specify custom top and shelf decks needed for operation in the medical, disposable, and embedded device markets. Surfaces designed for high heat, chemicals, and clean room environments are available in custom rollout shelf racks and cabinets. An industrial shelving rack is ideal for quick and easy access to equipment and finished products. The healthcare industry also uses lockable files for protection and control.

Many packaged product manufacturers have found that the expansion of the industry is excellent for storing tools and equipment near the production line. Like other industries, these manufacturers typically customize rack systems to maximize available space and minimize changes in production over time. Rollout shelf cabinets have side, back, and lockable doors for equipment security.

Industry of Army

The military uses deployment shelves to store and process ammunition and other equipment. Some branches specify a system with built-in forklift pockets, so you can quickly move the entire rack or even take it to the theater. The military also uses it for material handling and maintenance procedures. Everyone, from the Air Force to the Navy, relies on Industrial BIN Shelving.

Industrial BIN Shelving


In conclusion, it is easy to understand the popularity and need for industrial development cabinets in myriad industries. Improving efficiency, driving cost savings by saving space, and enhancing employee ergonomics are critical to effectively competing in today’s global economy and are made possible by industrial shelf systems. Besides those mentioned in this article, many industries rely on industrial shelves to improve operational efficiency and maximize profits. The DISTRIBUTION X can provide a convenient and safe mode for stacking records and other materials.

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