Functions and uses of a sturdy Furniture Rack and Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack consists of a robust steel girder and a strong steel outstretched arm at one end of the frame. Heavy and tall objects and materials are placed horizontally on the raised arm. These projected arms are adjustable, so multiple rows or layers can be stacked on the same floor.

Cantilever rack systems are becoming more desirable as industrial storage because they are cost-effective and save space. For example, you may have seen these racking systems while shopping at home improvement stores. They see wooden boards and boards, metal skeletons, copper plumbing, etc. stacking up. A cantilever rack allows you to conveniently and accessibly store tall and heavy wood, metal shelves, wooden shelves, drywall, and other building materials in a small space.

Furniture Racking

These storage systems can be painted using a standard set of colors, galvanized, and protected, making the system more durable for outdoor industrial storage applications. Adjustable arms make it easy to store items of different sizes and thicknesses in the same floor space. Large or small, they can be made to your specifications to suit any storage needs.

The cantilever racking system is built to hold a reasonable amount of weight. Many industrial storage systems claim load capacities of over 30 tons per strut. These systems make it easy and safe to store piping and electrical components such as copper pipe, metal and plastic conduit, plastic pipe, and the like.

Support heavy load

How does this type of storage system support this load? The system design consists of three horizontally-based heavy gauge steel uprights. The adjustable arm is also made from the same heavy gauge steel that is straight. The component is bolted to one end of the arm beam using a unique brace system and heavy-gauge steel bolts. This combines the unit’s design weight distribution and the heavy gauge steel used in the components, which work together to provide the resulting strength and support capability. This structure allows cantilever rack systems to be used in warehousing and industrial storage applications.

Over Dock Door Rack allow you to store many items and add them to the collection. This option is cost-effective and can be used for all situations. Such frames are handy when storing items in the cellar. If you have many collections that contain many items of a few different items, you may want to consider choosing a heavy and light items construction scheme. Conversely, a plan such as a stackable shelf is ideal if you have an item collection consisting of several varieties, each with a relatively small number of items.  For ease of management, each frame can be labeled for each type of item.

Cantilever Rack


Furniture Rack saves a lot of space and allows you to view your collection in the best possible light while storing things. Some wall-mounted Furniture racks support the entire thing and distribute the weight evenly… Many wall-mounted Furniture Rack is also modular. You can easily add shelves to accommodate the collection of your ever-growing things.

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